• smoothing out temporary management bottlenecks
  • value-adding measures as the best preparation for an external succession plan

Panthera can provide interim services tailor-made to your requirements and performed by excellent and experienced national and international managers.

There are many situations in the life of a business when interim support makes perfect sense and can be the best way of smoothing out temporary management bottlenecks.


There are many different causes for such bottlenecks, and they can happen in all parts of the life cycle (plan / grow / run)  of a business, but they mostly arise in connection with a business succession:

  • For increasing the value of the businessprior to a planned sale due to succession
  • As the next generation’s ‘right hand’ during a planned succession within the family
  • As the sensible option for a ‘special and personal’ Management Buy-in (MBI) in connection with the transfer of part of the business
  • As reliable support in a postmerger integration AFTER a completed transaction

In all these possible situations, Panthera can provide you with an excellent package for the success of your project or business transfer. Thus, in the run-up to the sale of a business to an external purchaser, an interim manager can skilfully set value-enhancing measures in motion and thereby help to achieve a significantly higher value for the business with the correct financial investment. Often it is only in this way that owners can make their expectations of the sale price for their shares – their life’s work in effect – a reality.

When planning for succession within the family, if it is not possible for the transferor to induct the new generation into the operations and procedures of the business or to accompany them on their ‘first steps’ (on the occasion of the owner’s sudden death, for example, or because the two generations are unwilling or unable to work together properly in the professional environment), it can definitely make sense for an external manager to work alongside the new-generation owner for a while. In this way, the successor generation can gain new insights and also be helped with the appropriate support to find its way around the existing business culture and become accustomed to its new role as owners.

Engaging an external manager on a temporary basis can also represent a good opportunity to secure and pro-actively prepare for your own succession on a sustainable basis – if, for example, there are no successors available within the family or where a sale with an extensive approach to the market is excluded. Panthera will provide you with interim managers matched to your requirements, who would, in principle, also be prepared to step in as successors themselves in a management buy-in. The interim manager could in this case support the outgoing owner with his or her duties well before the actual handover, gradually assume more and more responsibility and, in the best-case scenario, even take the business up to the next level.

Should the death referred to earlier take place, Panthera can quickly make competent management available at short notice to relieve the survivors at least on this issue or prepare the business for a following arranged takeover or sale.

It goes without saying that our interim managers have wide-ranging industry experience, have undergone diverse professional education and development, belong to well-connected domestic and international networks, speak various foreign languages and are experienced in various stages of the life cycle of a business, such as:

  • with Start-Ups as managing directors and coaches for the founding team
  • with businesses in the growth phase in developing and expanding success-driven sales management and control systems for e.g. foreign subsidiaries (‘internationalisation’)
  • with crisis-hit businesses as restructuring managers
  • or even in the course of business successions (both within the family and externally)
WHO should be particularly interested?

It can happen all too quickly that key persons in management leave or, in the worst-case scenario, owner-managers themselves become unable overnight to run the business properly, due to illness or accident – in such cases, Panthera can provide you with the appropriate temporary support.

Even in the course of a value-enhancing preparation phase for a well-planned succession or sale, Panthera has the appropriate specialists for you to help you maximise the sale price for your life’s work.

The first step is for us to have a without-obligation and confidential discussion!

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